GTP Productions – Basel, Switzerland

GTP Productions specializes in NFC technology applications, software development, social web development, search engine optimization, and complete online  maintenance services.

Our proven IT experience brings NFC technology mobile platform capabilities to the next level in all of our services. Our team has hands on experience since the inception of NFC technology and excels in all areas of NFC software applications, NFC management solutions, development, and visualization services.
Our NFC proprietary targeting technologies integrate current NFC specifications, enabling you to combine prime targeting methodologies in order to reach highly specific audience segments. Our internal resources enables us to give our clients unprecedented accuracy and prime targeting results.

Let GTP be your partner for Consultation, Realization and Implementation  of NFC technologies in your field.

Located in Basel, Switzerland for over 15 years, GTP Productions still today accepts special assignments and new customers which offer a challenging environment for ground breaking development.


Functional – Intelligent – Interactive